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Christine Brugman MAOM, GHRM

President | Writer | Military Spouse

Christine builds and writes powerful résumés, personally crafted according to the individual characteristics of each client and the job(s) they are interested in pursuing. With over 20 years experience in recruiting, staffing, operations management, and military service support, Christine is well equipped to and dedicated toward providing quality, targeted employment readiness services to civilian and military job seekers around the globe.

  • We treat our clients with genuine care and interest committing ourselves toward exceptional customer service because your satisfaction is our measure of distinction and quality.

  • Not only do we work collaboratively with clients to develop and author effective industry, job-targeted résumés, but we provide valuable tips and lessons on how to continuously market oneself on a résumé successfully to use for future job search efforts.


Christine Brugman     | President and Writer

Christine Brugman | President and Writer